Cross Process – still the iPhones gold standard photo app.

Even with built in HDR, and even with a dozen or so worth iPhone camera apps, Cross Process is still the favorite son on my mobile device I think the reason why I enjoy using Cross Process the most is because the app knows what it does. By that I mean it's a one trick pony, in the positive sense. The app cross processes a photo. I believe this is why the app is successful because what it promotes itself to do the app does well at. I believe apps that try to do too many functions at once end up failing at all of them. Many apps allow users to use ten or twenty different effects, crop, shoot stunning 8fps video (/sarcasm) and so on. Yet these apps cut corner in algorithm development to give the users an 'okay' effect instead of a stunning effect. Users want to be stunned and they want to be able to replicate their results time after time and do so quickly. This is why I appreciate apps that know what they do. If ask a Cross Process user about cross process they will tell you it's an app that effectively allows them to make an authentic cross process photograph with their iPhone. Ask the same user what an app like hipstamatic does they will say: "well allows you emulate this but you have to find this other thing to do that. Oh and you can buy this pack to do that," and so on. Nothing against hipstamatic and the people behind the development of that app, I just feel the message is lost in the main purpose of the app. I'll share more thoughts about Cross Process further down the road. But for now I'll sum it up with this - the best apps tend to be the apps that know what their purpose is. For me, wanting to cross process photos, the Cross Process app is the standard.

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