Do It Tomorrow

I'm terrible at staying on top of things, and the first step to recovery is admission. Even with a MacBook, iPad and iPhone I consistently lose track if what I should be doing. I've tried using iCal, Bento and Things; I just can't get into them regularly. They are great applications, I'm just too lazy most days to update them. So how does a lazy man keep up to date with the things he needs to accomplish. Well as I tell my wife, I'll: Do It, Tomorrow. See what I did there? I used the name of the app in the sentance. Much like Hot Tub Time Machine. At any rate, Do It Tomorrow is a fantastic, simple app that makes even the laziest of men stay up to date with all the things they need to finish in a day. The interface is easier than opening a door - you simply tap 'Add New Task' - type your task, tap return and it adds your task to your  daily task list. Piece of cake. The really beautiful thing is is that when you want to be lazy for the day, not if, you simply click the arrow to the right of the task and your task is pushed to tomorrow. I've had tasks in my Do It Tomorrow app for over three months - I keep telling my wife that I don't want to hang new curtain, she doesn't get it. I use this app daily to keep my life in order. I'm not important, or anybody significant so this app really does a fine job of keeping my important tasks at bay. Again, like many apps I tend to favor, there's nothing earth shattering about it. It's very much a one trick pony that is reliable and useful on a daily basis. The one thing that I really like about it is the resemblance of a physical moleskin notebook. Speaking of which, they're coming out with iPhone and iPad covers - cant wait to get my hands on one of those. Screenshots below, the App can be downloaded here and it's free so there's really no reason not to have it.

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