Drobo 4 Bay Array Review

I love my Drobo and if you don't know what a Drobo is let me fill you in. Drobo is your Savin grace, Drobo is your last line of defense, Drobo is your miracle in a box....this is starting to sound like an iPad commercial. Without getting too technical, Drobo is a self managing, automated backup system that ensures you never lose your data. When, not if, one of your hard drives fail you don't want to be up the creek without a paddle - Drobo is your paddle. You simply backup your data to a drive housed in your Drobo array and automatically Drobo will back up that data yet again to a second drive within the array as a secondary backup. Because I'm a freak about losing files I tend to buy an abundant amount of drives, especially when I'm working on a clients work. For example, one of my clients I have a three year archive of photography and video from various performances and events. I have three drives dedicated to this client - one (1tb) for photography, one (1tb) for video and a third (2tb) that automatically backs up data from the other two drives. I'm able to judge the health of my drives from the very easy to understand Drobo Dashboard software that comes with the Drobo Unit. The dashboard charts out how much data you have available, how much is reserved for expansion, how much is used for protection and how much overhead you have left. To determine if your data is protected, you can simply click into the advanced controls window (which truthfully aren't very advanced, for any common user) and under the data protection window displays the message: Your data is protected. When I backed up about 900gb at once, the data protection window said: Your data is currently not protected - which at that point additional information was given basically suggesting I leave Drobo alone and let it do its thing. Drobo is a  certainly saving grace, especially from a time management standpoint. I use to dedicate several hours a week/month to managing my backup drives and making redundant back ups that would take me hours to replicate. Drobo does everything on the backend so I don't have to worry about spending all that time manually doing everything which in turn allows me spend more time assisting client with their projects. Who is Drobo for? Drobo is for everybody who takes backing up seriously. However I know many people won't want to spend $600 for a 4-bay Drobo Array. So realistically who is Drobo for? Drobo is for any freelance photographer/Designer/Video editor who want to focus on their craft, not the science of backing up data. Drobo is ideal for every small business in any industry. Small businesses should be worrying about the day to day operations, not the long nights of backing up years worth of data. Drobo is virtually a worry free device that needs little attention. The only thing that would make Drobo the absolute perfect peripheral for your workstation is it occasionally talked to you in the Hal 9000 voice, I mean the lights are already there. Drobo really should come out with a Hal 9000 special edition array, just throwin' that out there.  To avoid any confusion or any angry letters to the editor, you'll need to buy additional hard drives from Drobo's site, Amazaonl, ect. You can buy Drobo packages, but if you simply buy the Drobo array you'll have a fancy black box that lights up on your workstation. So make sure you go buy those drives for your array. Those are my six hundred words on the Drobo. For more information please follow them, or visit their website.

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