Mass Appeal 2010 Partial Recap

On Friday November 5th, I had the privilege of photographing all the models that participated in the Elmwood Village Mass Appeal Fashion Event (Sponsored by Sorrento Cheese). As far as I could tell the event was pulled off without a hitch and all the volunteers, make up artists, hair designers, models and other staff did a fantastic job keeping the day organized and fulfilling. For me, it was the first time I had photographed that many people in one day and I shot over three thousand studio shots on a makeshift studio that was positioned in a stairwell. There's a lot of material that I'm going to write about from this event but for now I want to get the shots up because I know people are looking for them. I'd like to thank Rasheeda Phillips for keeping  very structured 'behind the scenes' and keeping everyone on time, with that many models it's very easy to get behind quickly and she didn't run into any major issues as far as I'm aware. I'd also like to thank her for recommending me to Erin the producer, had she not I wouldn't be writing this post. Thanks to Erin for bringing me on board and giving me free reign to do what needed to get done. I'd also like to thank the assistants I had that day, Frank and Anna. They did an amazing job keeping my files organized as I shouted them out and keeping the line of models calm and relaxed. By staying so organized and thorough they save me several hours of work at my office. Thanks again guys! Now, on to the models. These photo's are not edited, they are straight from the camera, with the only addition of a watermark. I was so impressed by how cooperative these 100+ models were and how much fun they seemed to have had. The day could have easily been very stressful but everyone was cool and having a good time.  If you are one of the models, hair designers, makeup artists or involved in the production and want to obtain more images please contact me (info((at)) Please tweet this or share on facebook, or snail mail your friends this link. I want to make sure everyone involved gets to see a product of several different art forms.

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