Graffiti of Buffalo’s Central Terminal

In the four years I've lived in Buffalo, there has been one spot I've been absolutely obsessed with as a photographer - Buffalo's Central Terminal. It's very cliche to live in any Rust Belt city to document the urban decay that is persistent, however I feel as though I'm not documenting decay and neglect - instead documenting a piece of history that is updating daily. Aside from the neglect of owners past Central Terminal has suffered, the property has gone through extensive vandalism outside the main tower (which is going through a hearty restoration by a great group oforganizers). For years the homeless, pistol packing punks and drifters had made the platforms and abandoned buildings of Central Terminal temporary housing and spots for illicit activities. With all that, Central terminal has garnered an extensive collection of graffiti throughout the grounds. Some of it very thought out and stunning, some of it vulgar and some of it nonsensical. What I find interesting about all the graffiti at Central Terminal is its relationship with the signage that's deliberately placed there when it was a functional station. Countless signs about checking packaging and watching ones step intertwined with graffiti splashing political commentary or simple fifth grade humor. There are several relationships worth noticing with the Central Terminal. The relationship between the grounds and nature is an obvious one. As with most buildings that have been put into despair through the years it's an easy connection to make through photography. My purpose for documenting the Terminal was never to look at the relationship between the building and the street art, but as you explore the grounds you can't help to not notice how much vandalism the grounds have suffered throughout the last twenty years. As you dig even further into exploring, you being to notice a timeline of social and political strife not just in Buffalo but in the United States as well.  There are instances of graffiti  and vandalism highlighting every President since Reagan and commentary on most major incidents that have occurred as well. All this being said, the more I ramble, the less time I'll have to have folks actually look at the work I've been accumulating. Take a look, feel free to provide feedback.