FC Buffalo – For Our City

When I first moved to Buffalo from Auburn I was amazed at the volume of peoples voices when preaching the city. The passion folks have around here about all aspects of their city is astounding. There's a true do it ourselves spirit in Buffalo that is unmatched anywhere else I've ever been - granted I haven't been far. It's fascinating to me that a city with so much history in economic decline, sports curses and weather that will hair lip the governor  that the people are so passionate. Over time, as I've tried to get established with folks and organizations in Buffalo I've observed these sermons of Buffalo first hand and can tell you that its' really great to be apart of it all. Last summer I was able to be on the sidelines for a few FC Buffalo games at Rich Stadium. Aside from sideline duty for the high school yearbook, it was the first legit sideline gig I had. From shooting those games I've been partnering with FC Buffalo on a few projects. I like being apart of organizations that I can lend my craft to that promotes them in a new way or enhances their product. I like being apart of organizations that I believe are doing good things for a community and put the benefits of a community before their own. I'm currently working on a series of promos with FC Buffalo to get the hype started for their upcoming season. Please check out FC Buffalo's website. Pick up some season tickets, and some merch. These folks are not billionaire owners. They're local folks that work with us in the community, that go to the same bars and shovel the same snow. Like us, they're in it for our city - not themselves. http://vimeo.com/19054522

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