Daily Photo – Buffalo Loves Wonder

I love finding these little gems in Buffalo. Having not been born in Buffalo I still find myself finding these little treasures popping up every once and a while. While out on a photo walk one day I happened upon the old Wonder Bread plant that was once functional in Buffalos industrial side. Through some preliminary investigating I've churned up several businesses that came into the plant after it closed but subsequently have left the premises. I think little gems like this are part of the greatness of Buffalo. I think it tells such a rich history of American industry, it's rich history in our communities and it's ultimate conclusion. I'm a student of history through photography. I believe that photography is a physical representation of our highest highs and lowest lows. I think there is so much we can learn from photography if we simply believe in what we're seeing in a photograph. For me, photography gives us a chance to make things right. I'm a firm believer in Buffalo's future, and I think documenting our past will help us develop the future - whether that be in business or politics.

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