Daily Photo – Niagara Silhouette

I was the group leader for the Buffalo group in the 1st annual Scott Kelby photowalk in 2007. Earlier in the summer I had done a photo shoot that had basically paid all my bills for 4 months. I was still finishing my BFA at the time and hadn't found a summer job yet so I budgeted all my earnings and lived very stingy that summer with my fiance (while stingy, I was still able to save and purchase her a schnoodle for her birthday). I spent most of my days in July and August walking around Buffalo absorbing the city as much as I could. I had just moved there in January of 07' and was still getting a feel for the town. As it turns out I walked in area's most people don't walk unless in groups. I really never had a problem walking around Buffalo - except one minor incident - and I think because I didn't have a concern for where I was going that I was able to capture some really interesting moments in Buffalo. Fast forward to August 07' and Kelby had announced his walk and I signed up as a leader. We had about 15 Buffalo photographers in our group, different ages and different styles but we were bound by our affair for photography. The sun was quickly setting on downtown Buffalo and I was able to snap a silhouetted image of Buffalo City Hall and the Niagara Square Monument (which I believe is for President McKinley). I shot this at 1/8000sec with a 10-22mm lens at 14mm f3.5 I didn't have to do much in post, I adjust the exposure 1/10 of a stop down and saturated the blues around 8%. Because I'm shooting wide angle there's a bit a 'fisheye' bulge in the center of the pillar, but not enough to make it bothersome. I really enjoy the 10-22mm lens because you can get just enough angle out of it to get a new perspective on familiar subjects. The 10-22 is really great for portraying great depth as well - I have a Central Terminal shot at the platform and shot it with my 10-22mm and it looks half a mile long, yet not distorted. The low angle of this shot combined with the wide angle, for me, creates this very surreal and overpowering shot of human engineering into the heavens. That's as far as my college level analysis will allow me to dive into this.
Silhouette of City Hall & Niagara Square, August 2007

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