Daily Photo – Tora, Tora Tora

I took this on my way back from Zoar Valley near Evangola in the late Spring 2009. I was pretty frustrated that day because nature in general was still budding at this point and not in full bloom. Thus, my hour long drive on the seaway trail specifically for a hike in Zoar Valley was somewhat of a waste. Until I stopped briefly at a boat launch before Evangola State Park. I noticed a lot of water fowl in the sky so I wandered over to investigate and I was able to snap this shot along with more of some fowl diving in for small fish. I'm very fond of this shot because I'm using relatively "amateur" gear - in the eyes of gear snobs that is. I was shooting with a stock 75-300 F5.6 lens with no image stabilization. This bird is easily diving into the water at 20-25mph and I was able to fire a shot at 1/160sec @5.6. The shot is very crisp and I have not run it through any sharpening plugins or any photoshop trickery. It's one of those pure luck shots. I knew I was getting properly exposed shots/crisp shots at 1/160-1/200sec that day so I hovered around those settings. I had my AF module set to center and tried my best to keep any birds in the center of my viewfinder. I'll be honest when I say it's very nauseating following birds through a small viewfinder trying to keep up with them, especially ones that will randomly dive into the water for food. I've had the luck debate with photographers before, some believe in luck and some dont. For me, this was a lucky shot. I knew what technical skills I needed to deploy to attempt a shot at a bird that flew so quickly, but it was up to a greater power to decide if all the stars would align in oder for me to get the shot I wanted. I knew I didn't want to leave there without getting a shot of a dive into the water and 4hrs and a hundred plus shots down the drain I was quite happy with the end result.

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