Daily Photo – Greetings from 1962

Quite frankly, I wasn't born in 1962, and this lighthouse sitting along Lake Ontario on the seaway trail was built in the 1800's. I only mention 1962 because when I processed this HDR the end result reminded me of old Kodachrome or Fujichrome film from the 60's. Yes, despite what you see on other websites this is an HDR image. Only, in this case, I did not over process or grungify it to look like a scene from a Tim Burton film. I don't detest much about photography, I respect almost every form of photography that is possible. That being said, I truly detest over-processed HDR images, and all of you know what I'm talking about. True to form they look like  a surreal setting in one of the several remakes of Edward Scissorhands. For me, HDR should (is) replicate what your eye sees, not much more. The human eye is naturally better then a camera in so many ways and can distinguish layers of shadows and so on. What HDR allows us to do is process true to life images and show more tones throughout a photo without having to heavily edit a single image. I processed this using Nik's HDR software, no additional editing in Aperture. I was blown away by Nik's HDR software. It provided quite a bit of flexibility to adjust everything one would wont to without having to jump back and forth between software and plugins. I'll write up a more in-dpeth review of the HDR software, for now I'll stick to the photo. This lighthouse sits at Thirty Mile Point, NY  on the shore of Lake Ontario along the Great Lakes Seaway trail. Thirty Mile Point is quite isolated from any major city or port, even to this day. The original purpose of the lighthouse was not to guide ships into port, instead to warn them of the shoreline and guide them along the coast of Lake Ontario. When originally built in 1876, coastal erosion to the building was a significant problem. Sometime after the turn of the 20th century large boulders were places on the shoreline in front of the property to reduce the amount of spray that was lifted into the air from waves. Based on photo's from around that time, these boulders have reduced in size quite a bit due constant bombardment from waves. I took this in July on a near perfect day. The summers along Lake Ontario and Lake Erie are pristine and I'd ideally retire there in four or five years. More tomorrow. t

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