Daily Photo – Po Ice Station

While wandering around Buffalo's east side I cam across an old Buffalo police precinct that was no longer being used, at least on a consistent basis. As I've mentioned, 'till I'm blue in the face it seems, I'm absolutely fascinated by the story behind the photo's I take. Unfortunately I haven't been able to dig up much about this police station, the decision or the politics behind closing it. I converted this raw image in Aperture using Nik's Silver Efex plugin, which is pound for pound the best black and white converter I've used. I'm half fascinated, half bummed when I see run down and deteriorated building in Buffalo. I instantly think what could have been done to keep the building up or keep that business open, and so on. On the flip side, the market demands everything in a life of capitalism. Perhaps twenty or thirty years ago it made sense to have a precinct in that section of the East side, but now the area is depressed and there aren't a lot of residents in the area. I'm not exactly sure why the building is just being left there to decay, but someone thought locking it up would be better than using it for something else. The other aspect of the photo that intriques me is the typeface used for the Po Ice Station sign. Buffalo is full of really unique typefaces used for signage, which has prompted me to begin document several them for a project I'm working on. Spoiler alert - the project is about typefaces used in signage around Buffalo. Nb

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