Nate Benson Vintage Preset Pack for Aperture

Alright folks, I thought I'd give  back to the community and post some Aperture presets I've used in my workflow in the past. Some of these I've used for published/printed work, others I've used for my private library as an exercise in correcting and creating certain looks within Aperture. The first preset collection I'm posting is my Vintage Preset Pack for Aperture. There are ten Aperture presets in this file, all with a "vintage" style that can serve as a starting off point for grading your photos in Aperture. Rather then going on and on about what each look does and it's purpose, it would behoove me to simply post examples: Download the link below. This preset pack is free, and you can do with it whatever you please. Send me any links to photo's that these presets have been used in or inspired, I'd be happy to post them here to share. Spread the word about them. Tweet them, FaceBook them or whatever the new social network trend is this week. What was that Chatter nonsense during the Super Bowl? Anyway, here's the presets. {filelink=1} If you want to contribute a few quarters if you think they're useful and beneficial I'll accept that too. Either way, more presets on the way. Spread the word! [donate]

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