Breaking News – iPad 2 in Production!!!!???!???!zomg

Not only is the iPad 2 in production- the sky is blue, earth is round, dinosaurs extinct and yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause. I'm baffled that CNN gets sucked into news stories like this. It's not news that a tech company is working on their next product. Where is the breaking news article about windows working on Windows 8? Or the fact that Ford is working on next years model Focus? Why are nut they telling us important news? Now, granted, news about tech is important to me as its part of my job,but my father doesn't care if iPad 2 is in production nor does 80% of the demographic that would read CNN. Anyone who cares about the tech industry would go to engaged for legitimate news about tech and that's the truth. CNN should do better, as should all our news outlets. The source of this article is Mashable, which makes sense considering their a tech website and tech resource. Sure CNN has a tech section, but so does the Syracuse Post Standard and even they wouldn't report rumors. Sure, it makes absolute sense for Apple to be in production. How else could they sell 14million plus units if they weren't in production? The thing that irks me the most is the whole article is lifted from Mashable and pasted on CNN. Not an ounce of actual reporting was done on CNN's end, an intern (I'm speculated but most likely correct) copied and pasted when told and CNN ran with the article. Yes Mashable got credit for the story but there was zero sign of CNN throwing in their two cents on the matter. Not even a "our call to Apple's representatives was not returned upon publishing." I would have been happy with that. Believe me when I say, I am completely okay with using other resources for a story, but appropriately. Use that little quote button in wordpress and then fill in with your own commentary. Give us something to work with CNN. I go to CNN for news, not rehashes of other sites I visit. I go to Mashable for social media and tech news, I go to CNN for news that lets me know if a zombie apocalypse has started or not. I don't go to CNN to find on their front page "iPad 2 in production." Does CNN know the sky is blue. We need to demand more from media. If CNN is going to speculate that "iPad 2 is in production (REALLY!?)" then what else would they speculate on? Will they report that the President is dead when all he's really doing is taking a nap?

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