Nokia/Microsoft announce partnership – By using Apple Garage Band loops The irony of this is absolutely incredible. We have two former giants, who at one time dominated their respected niches in the tech market. Over the course of the last decade we have seen these two giants slowly tumble in both market share and relevance. Realizing this, Nokia and Microsoft yesterday announced a partnership whereas Nokia will be using  the Windows Phone 7 OS for their products and partnering in other avenues of Microsofts key business. Nokia announced this yesterday at a media event and afterwards some videos from Nokia appeared on YouTube where Stephan Elop, CEO of Nokia, and Steve Ballmer sat and explained their alliance. They talk about joining together to:
Bring people the brands they want.
So what did they use for a background track? Well, they used an Apple Garage Band loop of course. Talk about using the brands people want! This is a huge oversight and some intern will unfortunately be let go for this. Apple loops are (while good) so overused on the internet that companies, especially ones like Nokia and Microsoft, should know that when they're creating content to discuss their brand they shouldn't use the rivals free software loops to sell that their unique. The Nokia/Microsoft alliance makes sense and could be useful, but if they can't even take a one minute YouTube video serious enough by not paying $200 for original royalty free music, then how can we actually take them serious?

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