Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament 2011

I had the pleasure today of getting a media pass to cover the 2011 Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament in the Buffalo Harbor. If you block out the fact you're standing on twelve inches of ice it's a lot easier to get through the day. More photo's after the jump. I was assigned this job by, as I'm one of their regular content providers. I will commend Labatt for creating a very open event, especially for media. I'll be the first to admit that I'm still getting my feet wet in terms of getting media access to events, and generally my experience has been fine, and this event was a breeze. The media coordinators for Labatt were absolutely fantastic. They were very friendly, asked about which publication I was with, asked general conversational questions regarding the publication, showed interest and overall seemed like they wanted me to cover their event. I thought that was a really classy move on their end and it made for a good working experience on my end. Plus, they gave out fancy lanyards for the event, who doesn't love that? I'm only 3 more lanyards away from being a level two media personality. It's like Pokemon, but not lame. I've been struggling creatively lately, mainly for obvious reasons for those who know me personally, and I used this job and a job last night to really get back in the spirit (can't post those for a week or so, stay tuned). Almost immediately I knew I wanted to process these in black and white, over expose them a little bit, and really give it a 'throwback' look. I overexposed in camera and didn't really need to adjust any of that in Aperture. I really only imported them, tossed on my basic boost preset (will post tomorrow) and sent the images into Nik's Silver Efex Pro plugin and made some minor adjustments. I wanted to do this after I saw the above image, it just reminded me of an old image you would find in your local paper after a Friday game way back when. I also figured to pay homage to the guys playing old school pond hockey I would portray my imagery the 'old-timey' way. I thought I'd explain that because my (absolutely darling) wife always asks why I correct or grade my work the way I do. So why not explain it, right? The hockey itself was pretty eventful. Lots of high scoring games, fast paced, good-spirits and cold. I'd publicly thank my father for instilling in me, at an early age, to always dress obnoxiously warm when working outside:
Because you can always take layers off.
As he would tell me. But even today, with a wind chill of 2 at one point this morning, there wasn't enough layers in all the big and tall stores to keep me or my feet warm. Lake Erie's wind is nasty, and she did not want us to enjoy ourselves at one point this morning. The hockey players, however, seemed to be reveling while playing on the pond. The hockey was ever changing throughout the day. As I made a full round of checking out all the rinks a new game started. There were a lot of teams this year and all seemed to be loving the idea of playing in the harbor. The only thing we were missing was some classic play-by-play and be....oh wait there was plenty of beer. So after 32gb of ditigal taken today, and completely wet socks I'm going to go thaw my feet. Enjoy this first batch of photo's more posted soon. Cheers!

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