Tuesday’s Type #7

Three very interesting and different fonts this week. Someone asked me last week why I post these every week - for me, I'm a fan of fonts and typography. I'm in no way an authority of it, and I'm a notch below sub-par at best when it comes to designing typography; but I'm a huge fan of type and appreciate the art and craft behind it. Part of my daily routine is searching for interesting fonts and uses of typography. I find myself driving down Delaware Ave or Rt.33 looking at all the  use of type in everyday structures and marketing. It is a part of industrial and architectural design that is so precise that is intriguing to me. I'm fascinated by the decisions to use type, the implementation and the effect it has on the masses. It gets crapped on, but imagine if we accepted comic sans and it were used on highway signs? Someone in the highway department has the job of deciding what typefaces will be used on road signs - easily one of the best government jobs out there. That is why I post these font's. Hopefully you check them out and use them. If you feel inclined, pay homage to the designers who slaved over these and donate to them and give them credit.

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