Cross Process (iphone) workflow, versatility and improvements

In the past I talked about how great I think the Cross Process app is for iPhone. I still believe, despite having ten or so photography apps for iOS, that Cross Process is the best app for taking photo's. It is simple, your end result is simple, elegant and it satisfies all my mobile photo needs. Mobile photography has come leaps and bounds since 2008 when the app store was opened and the market flooded with photography apps in part because photographers have been vocal about what they want in their apps. Personally, I don't want an app that gives me fifty or a hundred different effects - most of which are virtually the same with very minimal difference. I have a preference in style and look I tend to want steer towards when I'm shooting or grading. This is why I tend to whip out Cross Process the most - and I know I preach about this app all the time, but it works. To be honest, I take all of my photos with the built-in camera app, it's just faster and more convenient to take multiple shots quickly. I then open those shots in Cross Process and, well, process. It's a pretty basic workflow that gives me great results, or at the very least results I'm happy with.  For example the photo's below, same photo processed three different ways, each process giving the photo a different feel. I think Cross Process is great as it stands right now. Hopefully version  1.5 or 2.0 (currently on 1.07) will include some of the following improvements: • Mix slider - this would follow the processing of the photo which would allow you to adjust the amount of the process mixed into the original image. If you wanted a more subtle cross process mix then you could adjust the slider to 20% and so on. • Full iPad support/ more mixing options - I use my iPad a lot while on out in the field, or in the studio to quickly edit and scan through my shots. I would absolutely pay $4.99 for a full screen version Cross Process for iPad that utilizes the current processing capabilities and even further expands on processing. Live previews of multiple processes at once is the first feature that would pop out in my head for a full iPad version. • Expanded sharing capabilities - Twitter naturally, perhaps post to flickr,  tumblr or your (and .org) site would be other areas users would want to share to. The future is bright for Cross Process, it's an app that has progressed nicely since it's introduction to the App store. It will be real interesting to see how the app is updated, especially with rumored iPad 2 cameras. It should be an interesting few months of updates to camera apps for iOS, hopefully Cross Process stay's on the forefront and on top of all the latest developments.

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