Dear Apple – Port Aperture over to iPad

Somebody is bound to do it and Adobe is treading closely with recent developments of the Photoshop Express app for iOS. Somebody, say Apple perhaps, needs to port a professional level photo editor over to iPad - preferably Aperture. Apple is often criticized for abandoning the professional market with the applications they buy, release and end production on - Shake anyone? If I recall correctly there has been no update to DVD studio pro in two updates of Final Cut Studio. iWeb (although consumer I unfortunately see professionals use this for their portfolio site) has gone three updates without a refresh. Final Cut looks stale, but still superior, and Shake has been dumbed down to a filter in iMovie '11. Being a former Apple retail employee I know photographers are buying iPads, and in big numbers to. Right now we do not have an all in one solution for managing, editing and publishing our photos with an iOS device and no one in a turtleneck at Apple can convince me the demand isn't there. On my iPad alone, I have about twelve apps that I would use to try and do certain edits with while on the field or mobile in the field. Generally, as it stands  now, the Photoshop Express app gets about 70% of my rough field work done. But I also have various effects apps,  I have apps to post to various sites, I even have a stand alone app to simple add a watermark to an image. It's not even a fancy watermark and could easily be removed by even the most novice retoucher or Photoshop guru. Photographers want to use iPad on the go, they want to be able to quickly look at, adjust and publish their photo's while out in the field or on the go. I was at a Buffalo Sabres game last fall and watched something unfold in front of me. A photographer covering the game brought the following with him: His camera gear, a 17inch Dell laptop, a Verizon Mifi brick and a backup usb network dongle from Verizon. Aside from the issues he had getting a strong enough signal to upload his photos, that's a lot of gear to bring. It's a lot of gear to check in at the airport and its just a ton of gear to be lugging down the stairs of HSBC arena. Now, in a perfect world, imagine photographers had Aperture installed on a 3g enabled iPad. The poor photographer who lugged a massive laptop and dongles down the stairs of HSBC Arena could have simply had his iPad and camera connection kit in his one gear bag. He could have then imported them during intermission, quickly published them so his editor could get them and chances are it would have been quicker. Photojournalists, Content Producers, wedding photographers and really any photographer who wants quick editing and publishing without a lot of gear would sign up for Aperture on an iPad in an instant. I'm fairly confident they would be willing to spend upwards to $29.99 for such an app too. I plead with Apple - Give professional photographers more of a reason to buy an iPad and use it in the field. We don't want it for a digital picture frame, we want it to work.

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