Photo’s featured in Artvoice Give4Greatness Bus Campaign

I woke this morning to an interesting surprise from one of my clients, LehrerDance. I do most of their content producing - video, web, design and photography; I'm basically their personal Barbra Streisand. I got an email from Jon with some  photos of the ArtVoice Give4Greatness campaign which featured 4 of my LehrerDance photographs. I was quote surprised and delighted to see my work on a city bus. I'm somebody now, as Steve Martin would say. I'd like to thank the ArtVoice team for using these photos, I'm pretty excited my work could help such a great charity for the Buffalo Arts community. The recent budget cuts have put a strain on nearly every organization in Buffalo, and it's really up to us to work together and get through the hard times.  

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