Tuesday’s Type #8

This week I'm going to explore the fonts of Manfred Klein. I don't know much about Manfred Klein, mainly because his website is in German and the extent of my German is about seven words. Manfred, however, is a powerhouse in the independent typeface community with over three hundred fifty fonts posted on dafont. While looking for some fonts for a flyer I was working on, I came across his fonts and was blown away by the shear number of fonts he's produced and the quality of them. Dafont and other popular font sites can be pretty hit or miss, which is very frustrating when you're in a time crunch. Recently I found myself bookmarking pages by font authors because I've found that that if they make one usable font they have more in their collection that I could reference down the road. Manfred is one of those artists I consistently reference now, mainly because of the high quality product he releases on his site and around the internet. Here's three samples of his font below and his personal font page:

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