Shoot your friends

  I have some really great friends, they seemingly always help me out and stand in for me when I'm trying to practice new photography tricks. Earlier this week my friends Jacob and Nick stood in for me while I shot them. Jacob is one of the geniuses behind Ma's Meatloaf and can be seen in most of their short films and around the theater scene in Buffalo. Nick is a really talented woodworker who shares the other side of my studio at the Wurlitzer Building - stay tuned for shots from a portrait shoot from his side coming soon. Lately I've been trying to hone my craft with studio lighting with speedlights and attempting to generate layers of light. This, I find, can be frustrating with models because they are their to be photographed well and want to be in and out. I have a lot of interesting friends who, for now, are ok with me spending time crafting light as I see fit and exploring the possibilities of light. Here is a few results from a recent shoot with the guys.  

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