Runway 4.0 Photos

I had the privledge to setup a makeshift studio in the backstage area of Buffalo State Colleges Runway 4.0 fashion show yesterday. Very similar to Mass Appeal 2010, this was a huge opportunity for me and I'd like to thank Erin Habes for inviting me back to shoot this show. I'll explore all the photographic challenges in another post, but since most of the traffic I'll experience over the next few days will be related to just the photos I'll give the people what they want. These photos are available to all the hair/makeup/and piece designers, please contact me - nbenson(at) Since you're hear when you might not normally be here, please contact me for any other commissioned work such as look books, portrait/commercial shoots, product & event photography. Great job to all the organizers, models and various designers! You all worked very hard and countless hours and it shows. Cheers! - Nb

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