HeyTell – an App even my wife loves.

My wife, who I love very much, hates her iPhone. Hates it. She'd rather use a Zack Morris cell phone then use her iPhone for actually talking. She somehow has more dropped calls than anyone else I know with an iPhone. Despite my consistent advice that she's holding it wrong she still gets dropped calls. It's also nearly impossible for her to answer a text, let along a phone call. It's not her fault, she's convinced the iPhone wasn't designed for women and has threatened to email Steve Jobs on more than one occasion. With that, I recently just heard about HeyTell, a geolocation based voice messaging app for iPhone that allows you to send a voice message that is quicker then typing a text and uses about as much data as sending an email over your network. HeyTell also sends you a push notification when a friend responds. Inviting users was a cinch by using you're already existing contact stored in your device. Too often do new social utility apps come out and you have to befriend them yet again, it gets annoying having to join another new 'thing' every other day. The app is free which is also another huge perk, although there are in-app purchases for some add-ons. Perhaps the most unique aspect about the app is the location map. When you're responding to a conversation you can click the location button and HeyTell will show your location to the person you're having a conversation with. This especially comes in handy when you're meeting a friend or a client somewhere and rather than exiting an app to pull up your maps you can get their location within HeyTell. This is great for my wife, who I love very much by the way, because she is without a doubt the worst at giving directions. "Turn left by the third leafy tree on the right..." Thanks dear. I strongly suggest that if you're bored with the whole texting thing, or have a wife (who you love very much by the way), that you pick up this app. It's free, so why wouldn't you? (HeyTell on iTunes)  

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