Turns out you can’t park in an Apple store

I think Apple has a bigger problem on their hands, people know that a subcompact 1992 (seemingly) Honda Civic can break their glass. Perhaps they've been using the glass they use on the rear side of the iPhone 4 as opposed the gorilla glass on the front side. As the story goes, a man from Greensboro gets bored, decides to rob an Apple store, drives his Honda Civic through the front doors, freaks out and bails. Makes sense right? Did he bother to steal anything? Nope. Either Ashton Kutcher is getting one last punk in before he starts counting his two and a half millions or folks in Greensboro just lack proper robbery foresight.
Greensboro police received a call around 4:43 a.m. after a dark gray or blue Honda crashed into the store. According to police, the man crashed into the store in a burglary attempt. The suspect was dressed in what a witness told 107.5 KZL resembled a ninja suit, drove through the store's plate glass windows early Friday then ran away without taking anything. (MyFox8)
Isn't it funny how anytime a hooded sweatshirt and a mask are involved the media automatically make it out to be a "ninja" situation? Have there realistically ever been ninja's in North America? It's also a little irresponsible journalism to headline your story Ninja Crashes into Apple Store" Can we confirm it was a ninja, or did it just look like a ninja? Whose on first? In the end though, you really feel bad for the Apple employees that will get stuck dealing with the last minute fixing of the store. It's not like corporate won't be expecting them to have all the visual merchandising in place when it arrives late Monday night via armed guard for whatever announcements they'll have ad WWDC on Tuesday. On a side note, the MacBook Air....still floating. Those things really are magical.  

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