Engagement Shoot with Alexis & David

 Alexis and David approached me about photographing their wedding & engagement after I photographed their puppy at Animal Outfitters over the summer when I did a puppy portrait shoot. We couldn't have asked for a better day to shoot around the various hotspots around Buffalo. To be honest, it will likely be the last 'good' day we see in Buffalo until spring since today we saw our first snowflakes in the city. There wasn't a cloud in the sky on sunday and we spent every moment of the afternoon hopping around Buffalo trying to make the moment. We started the engagement shoot at Woodlawn beach and took some shots near the sand dunes that were exposed by broken fences. Alexis and David, as I would quickly find out, are incredibly easy to work with and could easily hit the cue's I was asking them to hit. One of the most important aspects of the engagement session was to convey how fun and compassionate they were for each other. Woodlawn beach was a quick shoot, with your typical 'look into the forever loving distance pose' that we got out of the way quickly into the shoot. After driving up route 5 towards the city was stopped by the ever expanding outer harbor to shoot at a recently renovated pier that sat along an abandoned grain mill. The outer harbor, politics aside, seems to be developing more than people want to give credit to. Now, granted, it's not worth a ribbon cutting ceremony or anything, but they are making nice progress and seem to be adding enhancements that make sense to the area. The pier was a fun location as we tried to incorporate the old mill in the background as well as the depth that the pier provided us. At this point Alexis & David busted out their rivalry flags from inter college competition. Whilst walking out as we thought we were done I saw an overhanging steel structure, that I assume will be either a bus stop or just a resting area for pedestrians. I threw on the wide angle and positioned the sun behind one of the beams and laid on the chilled cement to get a really powerful shot of them embracing each other. What I loved about the scene was this decayed grain mill in the background overpowered by this modern/curved steel structure that seemingly has no place in the scenario. That's Buffalo for you.  We headed into downtown to collect a series of images in the well known landmarks as well as some real interesting urban settings that you find hidden throughout the inner city landscape. We found a wall that sat up against an empty parking lot that had a nice gradient of leaves that were partially green and partially red. I really think this shot with  Alexis looking slightly over her shoulder - it looks as if she's feeling David's presence through the warm smile on her face as he poses in the distance behind her. This is my favorite shot from the shoot. We ended the day at ol'reliable - Delaware Park. We made our way the stone bridge which sits in the middle of the park and let them have some fun. It was a great location to end the day because there was the ambience of people walking about and enjoying the day, but still peaceful enough for the two of them to enjoy their shoot in private. I couldn't have asked for a better couple, they had fun with each other and didn't mind being goofy and getting into the moment and they laughed at my terrible jokes which always helps. Laughter really brings out the best in these types of shoots and Alexis & David nailed it. Thanks guys! [click 'show as picture list' to see list of shots from their engagement shoot]

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  1. Dave and I are thrilled that Florence made it into the Electric Tower photo :), haha. Honestly, thank you so much for this shoot. We had no idea how much fun and laughter we were going to be having by merely taking photos and posing with one another. You not only gave us gorgeous photos but you gave us memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks again, we cannot wait for what’s to come!

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