I Shot #1: Paul Panfalone

img_2821-1There are people in the world, and I certainly fall into this category, who know how to use photoshop and illustrator - then there are true designers in every sense of the word. Paul Panfalone falls into the latter category. I met Paul back in our days in the Wild Wild West known as Apple Retail. At the time he worked at the Genius bar and I was a Specialist and we never really interacted because the Genius room is a terrifying place for any n00b working at an Apple store. Paul left Apple shortly after I joined and seemingly that would be the end of my association with him. Once I discovered Twitter in early 2009 I searched for familiar faces to follow and in my searching Paul popped up. I knew Paul was a designer, and I knew he ran a site called Lovely Junkie. I figured I'd follow him, I was a design nerd who couldn't draw but could appreciate artform. As time progressed we would see each other out and about but again, nothing serious. It wasn't until recently did I start to follow Paul a little closer, I had noticed he'd randomly post clips of old school WWF wrestling from YouTube on Twitter - "Sweet, I love wrestling. Paul is okay in my book" I'd think to myself. I watched Lovely Junkie evolve into a shirt business and saw him peddling his goods at a book & print fair in Buffalo. Lovely Junkie would eventually evolve further into the more design orientated site Swivelarms which features a variety of 80's inspired design posts and some of Pauls personal work. My session with Paul lasted about 90 minutes. I didn't have to worry about starting any of that always cheesy photographer/client chit chat because I knew I could always bring up old school wrestling to break the ice with Paul - wrestling talk only lasted about 1/3rd of the session. Once you break the ice with Paul, he's incredibly easy to communicate with, which shows in the photos I was making of him. When  you see Paul making a hand gesture or a facial expression it's usually because we were in an in-depth conversation about one of the following topics that came up in the shoot - wrestling, design, photography & design pricing structures, knowing photoshop vs. knowing design, the third reich, the history channel, and Steve Jobs. Before I knew it I had snapped well over 100 shots of Paul, plenty for me to work with. I had a blast with Paul, the easy conversation made for an enjoyable shoot which hopefully is represented in the final product. Readers of the blog will begin seeing more of my 'i Shot' series once or twice a week, hopefully more as I begin to shoot more portraits of interesting people. Make sure you check out Pauls site - Swivelarms. If you'd like to be apart of my 'I Shot' series simply contact me.

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