I Shot #2 – Chaz Adams

img_2222Chaz Adams was one of the first people to dive into my offer for a portrait session. I've been offering these shoots to folks on Twitter and Facebook as a way for me to network, meet some of these people I follow and simply shoot someone and have a nice conversation. I hadn't met Chaz before our shoot last week. We had began mutually following each other one day. Our shoot was the day after Miller had an epic meltdown so much of our conversation was based around the trad miller debate. In the end I think we agreed how ridiculous the annoying outspoken minority is in regards to Miller. I asked Chaz to bring an item that defined him, as I do with anyone who comes into the studio. Chaz brought his snowboard, which deep down I was hoping for because I vaguely knew he was a snowboarder. He didn't think I was incredibly crazy when I asked him to strap the board on and jump as high as he could. Great session with a really fun guy to shoot.

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