A hike through Fillmore Glen

A few weeks back my wife and I went home for our quarterly visit to Auburn where our families still reside. My folks were actually visiting Sleepy Hollow, NY that weekend so I didn't have any commitments for them and my wife and mother and law are always wandering around from store to store looking for bargins - which they have mastered. This left me alone with no plans on a damp overcast Saturday morning with my camera, two lenses and a tripod. After spending some time on google maps and rethinking of spots I always wanted to shoot in the finger lakes I concluded with taking a hike through Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia. While I have nothing substantial to complain about compared to other people in this city, state or world, I needed some time to myself in the woods to hike and clear my head. Looking back, I'm a little shocked that I wasn't able to make it to any of my normal hiking trails this summer or fall until I lumbered through Fillmore Glen. The responsibilities of being a husband and to clients didn't grant me many opportunities to have one of those days to myself. My wife will attest that I did quite a bit of freelancing this summer and was shooting all the time. Any photographer will back me up with my claim that theres a difference when shooting for a client and shooting for yourself. I hadn't been out to shoot for myself since early spring so part of me was excited and part of me was completely lost on what the hell I was doing. My normal hiking pack consists of my normal camera gear, but I always have a cheap compass, knife, flint, multi-tool, waterproof matches and a whistle. I'm normally not hiking through the Adirondack's or a trail that incredibly far from civilization but my father always preached the importance of being prepared for any situation and those additional items provide a sense of security. I walked along the gorge of the glen for approximately  1.5 miles, then took a significant rise in elevation and doubled back along the Northern ridge of the gorge. The whole hike was about 3.2 miles and yet another reminder that I need to give up Bacon. On the bright side I'm happy with some of the shots on my leisure shots. Until Nt.

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