A look at the Westcott 50″ Apollo softbox

A Review of the Westcott Apollo 50in softbox. I recently purchased the an FJ Westcott Apollo 50in softbox to use in my studio and on the go. I have to say I was a little weary of buying the hot softbox, mostly because it's huge. It's obnoxiously huge, and as it turns out - it's wholeheartedly awesome. First I want to talk about the features of the softbox, how it came to me and then get into some of the examples of what I was able to do with the softbox. I was stunned when the Westcott Apollo arrived on my front door in some pretty convenient packaging and while I knew the Westcott Apollo softbox folded up like an umbrella it was still impressive that they were able to package something so large into a relatively small box. As I mentioned above the Westcott Apollo folds up like a typical umprella which makes storage a cinch and you don't have to worry about trying to fold it eight ways till tuesday like a reflector. This 127cm x 127cm softbox with removable face provides 104 degree of light spread and doesn't require a speedring. The bottom of the Westcott Apollo offers a 4-way zipper for your c-stand or normal lightstand; I'd imagine if you had a long enough boom you could make the Westcott Apollo an overhead hair light, but I haven't tried it yet due to my boom not being long enough. So it goes. I had my first real world experience with the Westcott Apollo at the Elmwood Village Mass Appeal 2011 runway show. I used the softbox as part of 3 light set up and positioned it camera left and slightly angled to wrap the light around the models. As it goes with doing a speedlight setup, sometimes they don't fire when they're suppose to. This led me to have some happy accidents and produced some one light images that I was very happy with. From this I have since had two additional shoots with the Westcott Apollo where I only used the 50in softbox in conjunction with other light modifiers. The Westcott Apollo is a solid, well rounded one light solution if you're into the look of a one light setup or your in a position where a one light setup is your only option. The side and below images were from the Mass Appeal shoot and positioned camera left of the models and approximately 3 feet away at a 40-45 degree angle. I had a single Canon 580-EXII dialed down 2/3 a step and zoomed out to 24mm. Overall I'm happy with the result from this setup and as I said earlier I think it is a really great solution for speedlite photography. Where I would like to enhance the use of the Westcott Apollo would be to fit the light stand with duel or three way hot shoe adapter to get even more light out of the box. I'm usually not a fan of cranking up the exposure compensation to +3 because I generally like the environment and hate going through that many batteries (and lights that plug into outlets are so passe). In conclusion I think the Westcott Apollo 50in softbox is a great addition to your studio or your on the go solution. Retailing at $249 it's not to much of a burden on your budget and provides some really great results.Hope this helps in your gear purchasing. Until NT. 

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