FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Watch the shirt!”

I've been on the sideline photographing FC Buffalo since the inaugural season in 2010 and as we get closer to opening day on May 13th, I've decided to open up the archive and share some of the images I've made in the last two years. Last year a very memorable event took place at Robert E. Rich All High Stadium, The Lord Bedlington Cup. FC Buffalo has a loyal fan base, and usually generate several hundred fans in attendance. The Lord Bedlington Cup was a friendly matchup the Bedlington Terriers FC and our very own FC Buffalo that brought in over 3,000 devoted soccer fans and nearly filled up All High Stadium. WNY politicians and dignitaries made an appearance, but they did not overshadow the always vocal and always supportive Situation Room section. Having been shooting so many games for FC Buffalo it was so great to see so many people come out for a truly international event. The photo above is easily one of my favorites from the game. Considering it was a friendly match, both teams were playing like it was the biggest match of their lives. The match was incredibly physical with players going down left and right and as you'll see, the occasional shirt was gently tugged upon during gameplay. One of the things that's always in the back of your head as a sideline sports photographer is at what point do you dive out of the way before the players run you over. I can happily say that I've only had two collisions as a FC Buffalo sideline photographer, though I'm anticipating it to happen even more this year. Aside from the obvious physical play  from FC Buffalo portrayed in the image, my favorite part is not one but two officials are looking in on the incident, the forward official even has a weird smirk on her face. FC Buffalo kicks off their 2012 season on May 13th at Robert E. Rich All High Stadium when they go up against Detroit City FC (#DestroyDetroit). The Blitzers have also have some preseason match ups announced on their website, including one against the Rochester Rhinos. Come back tomorrow as we take a look at another image from the FC Buffalo archive. UNT, Nb

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