FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Round 2….FIGHT!”

 Today we visit the Lord Bedlington Cup again, because it was that good of a match. I mentioned yesterday how physical of a game the matchup between FC Buffalo and the Bedlington Terriers FC was, and nothing exemplifies the tense atmosphere than this image. This incident was one of two near brawls that erupted in this friendly between the lads from the Queens country and our own Blitzers. As someone with very little experience in soccer (but a big hockey fan) I appreciated the physical play that both FC Buffalo and the Bedlington Terriers brought to the field last June. Many critics of soccer talk about how it's merely 90+ minutes of running around a field. If you fall into this category I recommend attending an FC Buffalo game this season and hopefully you'll be proven wrong. The terriers definitely brought their 'A' game when they faced off against FC Buffalo, unfortunately the final score did not reflect how dedicated the team was. As the score became a bit one sided in favor of FC Buffalo the terriers became more physical which ultimately led to a couple altercations, one of which you can see, that could have been blown out of proportion. If my memory serves me correctly, the altercation to the left ultimately resulted in a yellow card for Bedlington (one of many in this match). Another altercation, which I will highlight in a future post, resulted in an instant red, again for the Terriers. FC Buffalo wasn't innocent either in the match as, I mentioned, they also received yellow cards in the matchup. The funny thing about being sideline during an FC Buffalo game is all the chatter that you hear from the players. I'm not sure how clearly it can be heard from The Situation Room or other sections of All High Stadium, but what I hear on the sideline is absolutely hysterical. It's really no surprise why things get physical, especially during this matchup, because there is constant banter between the players. The evolution of the banter is hysterical as well. From my experience it generally starts pretty innocent with generic trash talk and evolves into this finely woven cloud of cursing and personal insults that doesn't exclude mothers, wives and children. That's it for now, remember to check out FC Buffalo's website and I hope to see you in The Situation Room on May 13th as we hopefully #DestroyDetroit in the season opener as FC Buffalo takes on Detroit City FC

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