A Day in December Shooting at the WNYBAC…

In December I was asked by a client to spend some time at WNYBAC, the Western New York Book Arts Center. As someone who enjoys the craft of typography and graphic print design I embarrassingly have to admit that I hadn't been to WNYBAC before, which is why I jumped at the chance to shoot the assignment. The best way to sum up what the WNYBAC does is to simply quote their site: "The Western New York Book Arts Collaborative exists to promote, encourage and develop the Printing and Book Arts through education and access for individual artists and underserved communities. Through active programs of all facets of the printed word and image -- printmaking, papermaking, illustration, design, writing, book binding -- the long history of multiple editions from stone carving to the internet can be explored and made accessible to the public. Through creativity and expression a greater sense of cultural understanding and sense of community may be developed.WNYBAC is a registered 501(c)3 educational non-profit institution."  - Way better than I could have summed it up. WNYBAC is really great facility, especially if you're into the 'analog' way of doing things. I of course say that in jest because there's certainly nothing easy about what the folks at WNYBAC do. It takes a true skill and unparalled patience to create content with the presses at WNYBAC mainly because it's a way of doing things that is not common in 2012. I took a few design courses in college because I have a general interest in the craft and I can tell you ( at least at my school) they plopped you in front of a computer and said "Design." WNYBAC offers a variety of courses that can teach anyone to use this equipment. As you can see in the left image a young child is being shown how to layout type for a press. Start them young, is what I say. The WNYBAC is a very inspirational and creative workspace that I suggest any content creator visit and actively participate. For me, it was really interesting to see a variety of age groups, genders and creatives working while I was making images of them working. A father and son were working on the basics of printing on a press, an older woman was working on a christmas card design, and another person was working on creating a book in tiny 10pt typefaces. Like a surgeon she was delicately and precisely placing the letters in their proper places prepping them for the press. It was truly inspiring. Please checkout the WNYBAC, support them if you're a creative and attend one of their functions.



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