FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Don’t Kick Me Bro!”

As I wrap up this series of FC Buffalo vs. Bedlington Terriers FC images (for now) I have to leave you with this image. One of the things I quickly realized whilst shooting for FC Buffalo is how fast the action is, and how ridiculous some of the moments you capture are. In this image, all I can think about is their brain screaming "please don't kick me, please don't kick me, oh crap he's going to kick me, this is going to hurt. As I continue to look through the FC Buffalo archive I've seen more and more of these classic expressions the players express as they're diving for a ball or getting physical with another player. I can't emphasize enough how physical of a matchup the friendly between FC Buffalo and the Bedlington Terriers FC was. Hopefully I've shown how serious FC Buffalo is when it comes to being a legit competitor in the NPSL FC Buffalo will have a slew of new competition this season, specifically Detroit City FC, AFC Cleveland, and Greater Binghampton FC. I'm looking forward to heading to Detroit and Cleveland to cover the FC Buffalo games, traveling the open highway is always fun. Then there are the Erie Admirals, which I think I could honestly say is FC Buffalo's rival in the division. starting tomorrow I will be featuring (probably a week's worth) of photos from the battles FC Buffalo over the last two seasons. The matches in 2011 grew especially ugly, one poorly officiated matchup even resulted Nick Mendola (one of FC Buffalo's owners) being ejected from the stadium. FC Buffalo will face Erie three times this season which is more than enough matches to keep this rivalry thriving. Thanks again for checking out these daily images, and for your support of FC Buffalo. Remember to get over to FC Buffalo's website for info tickets for the matches at All High Stadium. Also head over to The Situation Room and find out how you can join one of Buffalo's best fan sections.

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