FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Ninja Block”

I think all fans in The Situation Room will regard the Erie Admirals as FC Buffalo's biggest rival in the NPSL Matches between FC Buffalo and Erie are always physical, competitive and entertaining and usually tainted with poor officiating. As I mentioned in a couple of my Lord Bedlington Cup posts, being on the sideline during FC Buffalo games is very interesting because you hear everything being said on the field. Being a mere four feet from the action at any given time makes for a very entertaining 90 minutes for me. Which is good because the players at least get to run around in the hot summer sun, whereas I stand there letting the sun beat on me  with no remorse. Last season the rivalry between FC Buffalo and the Erie Admirals heated up substantially. The matchup at All High Stadium saw yellow cards handed out like candy, spotty officiating and verbal assaults from both sides of the bench. Physicality and verbal assaults aside, both teams provided quality soccer action in their encounters in 2011 and 2012 will likely see the same level of competitive play. This image is interesting for me. The next frame shows our very own FC Buffalo inches from getting biffed in the face with the ball. This image, however, exemplifies the focus he had on the ball in an attempt to make the block, and also shows off his extraordinary ninja skills. FC Buffalo will be facing the Erie Admirals on June 8th & 10th as well as June 22nd which is unofficially being called the "Eradicate Erie Nate Benson Birthday Game." The June 8th game will be played in Buffalo's All High Stadium and the June 10th & 22nd game will be in Erie, presumably at the field next to the active train yard they played at last year. Nothing allows more for intense concentration while playing soccer like a freight train barreling by the field you're playing on.

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