FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Please…Run me over.”

 There's nothing like a good collision at an FC Buffalo match to get you pumped for the season opening. We explore the Erie Admirals vs. FC Buffalo archives again to bring you this image of an Erie Admiral "accidentally" colliding into one of our very own FC Buffalo Blitzers. Yes there's nothing like a knee to the groin to keep things interesting on the field at All High Stadium. As I've mentioned this week in posts and, hopefully, shown through images FC Buffalo matches are pretty physical. This isn't the soccer I played in gym class. From the images I snapped last year I'd have to believe that facing Erie was probably FC Buffalo's most physical matches. That's strictly from the images I made last season, the stats from other games may prove otherwise. FC Buffalo's first match against Erie is on June 6th. I expect everyone reading this to be in The Situation Room to heckle the Admirals on behalf of FC Buffalo.

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