FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Two Guys…One Ball”

We continue to explore the very loving relationship between FC Buffalo and the Erie Admirals from the 2011 NPSL season. If you've been following the posts for the last couple day's you'll know the reoccuring theme that these two teams and fans generally don't like each other. If you're just reading about this rivalry you should check out my other posts, but in a nutshell The Situation Room and FC Buffalo fans as a whole dislike Erie. Now that you're caught up  on this FC Buffalo rivalry I thought I'd discuss why I tend to highlight a lot of headers. From a photography standpoint I think they're an appealing photo because it exemplifies the action of what I'm capturing. What I've noticed when photographing soccer is that header shots are what people want to see. Some of the groundwork and physicality that occurs with both feet on the ground is exciting, but editors want that exhilarating image of two players leaping in the air and fighting for a ball falling out of the sky. From a technical standpoint they're not an exactly easy shot to nail consistently. I'm a left eyed shooter and I tend to leave both eyes open when I shoot. Since I shoot with a fairly large camera body, I can't always see the action with my right eye while I'm framing through the camera's viewfinder. Because of this, especially when I was just starting my coverage of FC Buffalo, I had a lot of missed opportunities and poorly framed shots. I've found myself shooting FC Buffalo games, and sports in general, with my right on the viewfinder more. Thus allowing my left eye to remain open and assist with timing the action. I keep my camera's focus and attention on the players when shooting a header shot and use my left eye for timing purposes. By following with my left eye I can time my shutter firing better than I could with framing only with my left on the viewfinder. Everybody with me so far? It's a bit disorienting at first but you get the hang of it by the time the game is nearly over. The unfortunate thing about that is unless you're shooting sports regularly this technique may not stay with you. I really only find myself doing this for specific sports/action shots. This FC Buffalo shot is an example of this technique, and I know this because I remember that it was one of my first successful shots where I forced myself to try shooting with my right eye rather than left. Hopefully these FC Buffalo posts are getting you excited for the 2012 season. Let me hear your comments and let me know what you like or don't like. UNT, Nb

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