FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Onward & Upward”

┬áThe folks in The Situation Room have it easy during an FC Buffalo game at All High Stadium. They get to sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze blowing up the bleachers while I'm roasting my rear end on the field. You can always tell when I'm shooting sideline at an FC Buffalo game at All High because: A: I look like a fisherman because I'm usually wearing my photographers vest and it looks like something Tim Allen's neighbor would wear. All I need is a hat with some fishing lours on it and I'll be good to go. Seriously though, I look pretty ridiculous. Between the fisherman's photo vest and my belt pack with lens I just look ridiculous. But hey, it's a workflow that lets me get some decent shots of FC Buffalo, right? It's function over fashion. #2: I'm the fattest guy out there. Not only am I the fattest guy out there, but I'm the fattest guy out there and it's usually 85+ degrees on the field. I'm like a roasting whale out there. D: Sunburn on one's neck is brutally annoying. If you don't believe me, feel free to hang out on the sideline one afternoon. Aside from the neck burn, sitting on the sideline looking towards the field and the stands is really a good sight. It's been great seeing the crowds grow game after game for the last two seasons. I haven't posted it yet, but an image from the Lord Bedlington Cup last year really defined the view I'm talking about, but I'll save that story for another day. The views from the sideline are remarkable sometimes. This is one of my favorite images of FC Buffalo's Richie Wilson from last season. Richie and his Erie Admiral counterpart look like they're weightless as they leap for the ball. A lot of times when you photograph an athlete in mid-leap they look out of place, and no sense of motion. In this image Wilson and the Admiral look like they're being lifted off the ground into the heavens. It's just an image that has a real sense of motion to me. Tomorrow we wrap up our #HateErie posts and move on to other images from the archives. Make sure you pick up your FC Buffalo merch for opening day. UNT, Nb   *Correction* Player in the photo is Mike Unwin. I apologize for the error*

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