FC Buffalo Preseason Blitz – “Thanks for that forearm.”

 As we wrap the weeklong coverage of FC Buffalo's delightfully friendly relationship the Erie Admirals we end it with this image. I've posted a lot of photos from the FC Buffalo archive of players jumping for a header. I've probably posted too many, but I find the action element in them interesting. As we've seen in the imagery this week, FC Buffalo has had some physical battles with Erie. The physicality of these matches, however, was never blatant agression from one team onto another. This image of an Erie Admiral shoving his forearm to the back of an FC Buffalo  players head was one example of blatant aggression during gameplay. I tend to shoot in burst mode when shooting sports and I looked at the frames before and after the image I posted. FC Buffalo would have clearly intercepted the ball before Erie did and Erie ends up throwing the forearm like Lex Luger circa 1988. The forearm was uncalled for and resulted in a yellow card for Erie. With that, we end our look at Erie for now. I'm sure we'll be exploring Erie again, but it's time we move on to other FC Buffalo archives. The Blitzers face Erie three times this year. Hopefully some of these images have gotten you pumped for the games at All High Stadium and hopefully you'll be in The Situation Room participating in the cheers and trash talk that is bound to happen this season. The first game between FC Buffalo and Erie will take place June 8th at All High Stadium. If you're going to be talking about the game on twitter make sure you tag it with #EradicateErie. Also, FC Buffalo has some new merch this season and will be releasing even more merch in the coming days and weeks. Make sure you check out their online store and pick up some swag. Starting tomorrow, I'll be featuring a few day/weeklong look at the FC Buffalo fans. Hopefully that's enjoyable to readers. UNT, Nb

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