Portrait Session: Gina Maramag, Community Marketer

In December I sent out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to do a portrait session together as a way for someone to get a new portrait, for me to test some new equipment, and get to know one of my followers. A couple days went by without a response so I figured I would by testing out new gear on the family dog again, and then I received a message from Gina Maramag asking if the offer still stood. After some wrangling of our busy holiday season schedules we finally had a chance to meet up at my old studio at the Wurlitzer Building. I hadn't met Gina prior to our portrait session. I believe she started following me on twitter after one of my nonsensical tweets was retweeted by someone. The only thing I knew about Gina prior to our portrait session was that she worked in design and marketing in Buffalo, I didn't know for who nor did I inquire in our pre-shoot correspondance because then all my chit-chat topics would be thrown out the window. As we were corresponding before the portrait session I asked her to bring a favorite object, or something that defined her to the session. With this particular series of portait sessions I'm doing I ask the subject to bring in an object that they're associated with or have a passion for. I've begun doing sessions with a lot of people from twitter and one of the aspects of twitter that stands out is how people are associated with certain jobs or hobbies. In other sessions the people I've shot brought in knives, cats, snowboards, wacom tablets and so on. Gina never told me what she was bringing in for our portrait session. Little did I know that her defining object would be taller than she was... Gina collects wisks. Not only does Gina collect wisks, but she has a wisk that's about as tall as she is. When I went down to the parking lot of the studio to meet her, to say I was surprised she was holding a four foot (and change) wisk was  an understatement. With that, the photographer in me was super siked that I get to photograph a life sized wisk for a portrait session. Without revealing all the deepest, darkest secrets Gina revealed to me in her acquisition of this wisk I can reveal that no one was injured in the acquiring of it. Giant wisks aside, my portrait session was a great experience. Gina opened up and discussed what it was like to work for Hospice of Buffalo from a marketing point of view. Prior to my portrait session with Gina my view of Hospice was probably similar to a lot of other peoples view. I never really took into consideration the amount of branding and hard work is required for a company like Hospice. For me, and my experience in life, Hospice was always associated with the sadness of a loved ones final days. After my portrait session with Gina my outlook on the organization lightened up a little bit and I've grown to have admiration and respect for how hard they work on marketing this important organization. I invite readers to check out the Hospice website and see for yourself. The portrait session with Gina went great. She's a great personality to know, and very fun to have a conversation with. Give her a follow on twitter, especially if you like tweets about handling clients in the design and marketing world. UNT, Nb  

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