Webs of Iroquois – A morning shoot at Iroquois Wildlife Refuge

For me, Iroquois Wildlife Refuge is like a church. It's the place I go to find solace, become one with my thoughts, and try to hone specific photography skills. Iroquoise is a place where I can just escape from everything and be completely okay with it. Most of Iroquois is a deadzone or Edge, so my iPhone is pretty useless and I couldn't have it any other way. I started going to Iroquois in 2010, about three years after I moved to Buffalo. I had odd work schedules back then so I would occasionally grab my camera gear and find a shooting spot before or after work. Full disclosure, after I found Iroquois I called into work for two days...sorry Apple. Being from Auburn, NY I was familiar with Montezuma Wildlife Refuge but Montezuma was nowhere near the size of Iroquois. And while they had similar wildlife inhabiting both refuges, Iroquois had a more diverse bird population. A couple days ago, I took a mental health day and wandered out into the vast refuge of nature with a good friend, and budding, wildlife photographer. We tend to shoot a lot of wildlife locations together and Iroquois is naturally one of our favorites. We can get lost in there for an entire day and despite the ramifications from angry wives it is totally be worth it. We usually, and begrudgingly, meet up around 4:30am and head out for the thirty minute drive to Iroquois and determine where we want to plant our log for the day. Not that we have a log. We were driving along the country road when we noticed a really dense morning fog rising from the refuge and we pulled over in a spot that fortunately was premier for sunrise photos. By the time sunrise rolled around I was soaked from the shin down because the dew on the vegetation soaked right through my pants. I was crouching down to get this shot. As the sun rose it created a beautiful silhouette of a spiders web intertwined among some flower buds.I truly hate spiders with a passion, story to be continued one day, but I couldn't ignore this shot. I love how the fog in the background created a natural softbox for the sunshine to be a hair softer. I love how the sun isn't an over glaring significant distraction in the image. And I love that web is nearly perfect as if an artist somehow crafted it ever so intricately. I'll be posting more from this day at Iroquois because it was a fulfilling day with my camera and a friend, and ultimately being able to bring a respected colleague along is important. UNT, Nb

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