Portrait Session: FC Buffalo Merch & Owners

Being the staff photographer for FC Buffalo has me running up and down the field quite often - which is always fun for a guy like me. However from time to time I get to work on a little project for the organization that we all get to have fun with. After the teams home opener against Detroit City FC, I was asked to do a quick portrait session with some if the owners and fans from The Situation Room. I have a great working relationship with FC Buffalo, every idea I have that isn't terrible the owners pretty much run with - except the #HateErie urinal cakes....they found that in poor taste. At any rate I have been wanting to update some of the FC Buffalo merch shots with a more stylistic portrait session. I figured after one of the FC Buffalo night games we could get some cool effects with the field, stadium lights and so on. It was really for me to have some fun in a portrait session with the owners, and the situation room. I think we accomplished that, even though the grounds crew were standing in the wings waiting for the exact second to shut the lights out and end that portrait session Because of the time constraints I didn't have much time to experiment and once the game was over I needed to get the mobile studio set up and get firing away. Roadblock number one was that my c-stand broke, so any chance of a decent highlight on the subjects hair was toast. Roadblock number two was that I forgot my sandbags so I needed some of the people modeling for me to stand next to my stands and hold gear while the wind picked up. The wind, which was non existant all day, picked up the second I set up a light stand to set up for the portrait session. Such as life. Roadblocks aside, I did what any photographer does when an issue arrises. I adapted to the situation, made a lighthearted joke about it and began my portrait session. Despite not getting the exact lighting set up I wanted because of broken gear I was quite happy with the result from a two light set up. The folks from the Situation Room were very accommodating during the shoot, and they certainly had some fun with it. The evidence of that follows:

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  1. this is a fine looking set! I need to get to a game since there seems to be a lot of handsome dudes….lol

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