The Chimes Of Westminster

Driving down Delaware Ave can be a harrowing affair. Dense traffic at rush hour lends to drivers cruising the avenue with their windows up. If you're driving with the windows rolled up, however, you're missing out on the pleasant sounds of the Westminster Chimes. The Westminster Presbyterian Church was established over one hundred sixty years ago. At one time the bells rung overhead the main steeple of the church, but were silenced some time ago. It wasn't until Dottie Millard, whom adored the sounds of the old chimes, led an effort to restore the soothing sounds to the neighborhood once more. Millard was fundamental in the organizing of the Westminster early child education program, a system that educates over 200 9 week to 4 year old children today. With the restoration of the chimes a success, Millard passed away in 2008 but she left behind twin legacies of a vibrant neighborhood school and music to fill the air.

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