The Frozen Falls

Niagara Falls was a nearly a frozen tundra during the winter of 2013. From January 2nd until January 11th temperatures in the region were below zero; the temperatures didn’t get much warmer until April.

In March, on a day off, I spent several hours roaming around the American side of the falls capturing the beauty of the nearly frozen wonder. Inches of ice covered trees, fifty cent binoculars, and rocks along the river. The mist from the falls rose ever so slowly, I often thought it would freeze in mid-air.

Had it not been for the bright lights and casino’s across the gorge I would have thought it was a scene out of a fantasy; such serene beauty and power mixed together. A near lifeless scene, except for the occasional gull cawing through the  cloudless sky.

Niagara Falls is always beautiful during the winter; it’s my favorite time to visit the natural wonder. It could be quite sometime, however, that Niagara Falls looks like that again.

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