Driving Through Lake Effect Snow

Most of the world doesn't get to experience the natural wonder that is lake effect snow. I've experienced it my entire life; I've never experienced a winter without it come to think of it. My responsibilities photojournalist and reporter puts me in the thick of these lake effect snow bands. It can be a harrowing experiences. One minute you're driving with  blue skies and clear roads; the next you're in a white out and wholeheartedly terrified. Recently I've begun recording more dashcam video with my old iPhone 5 using the Hyperlapse app. On January 9th and 10th Buffalo and Western New York experienced a pretty significant lake effect snow storm; albeit not as bad as Snowvember.  A perfect example of a lake effect band occurred yesterday as I was in North Tonawanda shooting ice flow in the Niagara River. Clear Skies and open roads along the riverfront. I set off from the park and headed back to downtown Buffalo. This is what I drove through:

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