Looking Back: Buffalo Game Space Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start.

Back in fall 2014 I stumbled across a kickstarter campaign for the Buffalo Game Space. Not knowing much about the project I emailed the organizers fo an interview and story to air on WGRZ (see below). They invited me to come to one of their weekend game builds; they spend the entire weekend making a video game. Game enthusiasts locked themselves in a back room at the Paddock golf dome for 48hrs and didn't leave until they had something playable. A pretty cool weekend if you ask me. The kickstarter campaign was aimed to raise $40,000 in order for the Buffalo Game Space to expand into a permanent space and become a hub for WNY developers, artists and enthusiasts to congregate. I spent a few hours taping the crew working and interviewing the key organizers of the group. I was fascinated by the concept of a group of people coming together over the course of a weekend and making a video game. Granted the final product certainly wasn't something you'd buy at a Game Stop, but it was playable. Like anyone under 30, I grew up playing a moderate amount of video games. Even I freaked out when my mother got my brother and I a Nintendo 64 for Mothers Day. As she put it, getting us out of her hair for a few hours on the weekend was the best gift ever. I never thought a resource center to develop games that wasn't a college based institution would be a thing people could attend on the weekends. Sure enough, in typical WNY fashion, a place will soon exist. The Kickstarter campaign was a success; coming down to the 11th hour and raising four hundred dollars above their goal of $40,000. The grand opening of the new Buffalo Game Space will be on March 28th. It was great to do a story on this group of passionate gamers and playing a very, very small role in their project getting the funding they needed. They would have likely succeeded without my story. But even if one person who saw it donated then it was well worth it. The ending of this story is my favorite but I have to give credit to another editor who works overnights with me at WGRZ. I was wrapping up the piece and he causally said "hey, you should do a game over thing at the end." Thanks Connie for the good idea!

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