I'm Nate Benson, and won't be speaking in the third person. I'm a working freelance photographer, video and content producer based in Buffalo, NY. You'll find me regularly wanding around working with some great local businesses and organizations - such as LehrerDance, Buffalo.com, Made By Anatomy and Visit Buffalo Niagara. On a wider scale I have produced work for Apple, Mobee Technology, Guess Inc and Boston Valley Terra Cotta. I pride myself in being a well rounded, flexible solution for big and small businesses. I work closely with my clients to find a solution to produce exactly what they need without turning the project into a 3rd mortgage. My background is in digital media, I hold a Radio and Television production degree as well as a Media Studies and production degree. I have worked in radio, television, marketing, graphic design and media production. Being a content producer allows me to see projects through from start to finish and bring some of the most creative and inspiring people on board to help clients see their projects come to fruition. If you're interested in talking about a photography, video, or general media campaign please contact me. Cheers, Nb