Looking Back: My First Day

July 9th, 2013 is a day I think about all the time, almost every single day it seems. I consider it my first day out on my own and no longer shadowing another photographer at WGRZ. I was still pretty green with the overnight shift and what responsibilities it entailed. As the day would progress I'd be thrown to the proverbial fire and cover two stories that I still think of daily. Continue reading "Looking Back: My First Day"

Haunted WNY Four Stories from Beyond

Spooks. Specters. Things that go bump in the night. Western New York is full of buildings and landmarks that feature a rich history. Sometimes that history has a paranormal element to it, one that might not be apparent to the common passerby. In the week leading up to Halloween Colin Bishop, Dave McKinley and I worked on a series of four stories that featured a distinct array of locations in Western New York that laden with paranormal activity. A movie house. A winery. A poorhouse. A mansion. Continue reading "Haunted WNY Four Stories from Beyond "

Eighteen Story Climb To Work It's not the fear of heights, it's the fear of landing.

One of the points I've stressed to anyone who asks me about my job in broadcasting is that I go to work everyday having little to no clue what I'll be doing. On the rare occasion I have an idea of what's going on a breaking news story will certainly change notion. Take into account the events of Thursday July 24th, 2014. Continue reading "Eighteen Story Climb To Work It's not the fear of heights, it's the fear of landing. "

One Year In What I've learned as a new shooter for the past twelve months

My path to the newsroom was an unconventional one. I went to the wrong college. I took the wrong internships. I wasn't confident in my ability as a shooter, and so on. After working for little to no money for years with non-profits and the random odd job I finally landed an entry level job at a start up television station. Fast forward to June 2013 when I wound up directing and associate producing five half hour shows per week, a two hour movie show every week, and running much of the production for that station - I was hired by WGRZ to come on board as a news shooter. And as they say, we've only just begun. Continue reading "One Year In What I've learned as a new shooter for the past twelve months"

Foggy Buffalo The Morning Fog Engulfed Buffalo

The weather in Buffalo never ceases to amaze me. Today it will be seventy five degrees and sunny, two weeks ago there was four inches of snow on the ground and by this Friday locust will likely fall from the sky. Ten days ago while driving to work a thick fog ecompassed most of the downtown Buffalo area around twelve thirty in the morning. By sunrise the fog blanketed most of Western New York creating an opportunity to for some unique imagery of our familiar landscape. My morning producer sent me out to shoot a few areas that we knew were foggy and I created a short video for the 6pm news 'closer' segment. Continue reading "Foggy Buffalo The Morning Fog Engulfed Buffalo"