Looking Back: My First Day

July 9th, 2013 is a day I think about all the time, almost every single day it seems. I consider it my first day out on my own and no longer shadowing another photographer at WGRZ. I was still pretty green with the overnight shift and what responsibilities it entailed. As the day would progress I'd be thrown to the proverbial fire and cover two stories that I still think of daily. Continue reading "Looking Back: My First Day"

Eighteen Story Climb To Work It's not the fear of heights, it's the fear of landing.

One of the points I've stressed to anyone who asks me about my job in broadcasting is that I go to work everyday having little to no clue what I'll be doing. On the rare occasion I have an idea of what's going on a breaking news story will certainly change notion. Take into account the events of Thursday July 24th, 2014. Continue reading "Eighteen Story Climb To Work It's not the fear of heights, it's the fear of landing. "

Portrait Session: William Reeve

I've known Mr. Reeve since I was born. My parents moved into our house on Franklin street the week after June, 1985. Mr. Reeve and his wife of sixty seven years, Mrs. June Reeve were/are like a second set of grandparents to me. I have fond and vivid memories of helping the Reeves in their lush garden as a five  year old. By helping, I mainly just tossed dirt from point A to point B and that was the extent of my contribution in the rows of tomatoes and cucumbers. Continue reading "Portrait Session: William Reeve"

FC Buffalo vs. Binghamton FC – Photo post

Similar to the post office, FC Buffalo will play whether it's rain or shine or even in the snow. The weekend weather here in Buffalo ruined a lot of events. Taste of Country on Friday was in disarray with rain and high winds causing headliner Eric Church to bail out at the last minute. The annual Gus Maker tournament was held downtown but the final day was postponed due to impending rains. The Greek festival was held all weekend too, I'd have to imagine at some point it was rained out, but those Greeks know how to have a good time so I'll assume they partied regardless of what the skies were doing. Continue reading "FC Buffalo vs. Binghamton FC – Photo post"

Portrait Session: FC Buffalo Merch & Owners

Being the staff photographer for FC Buffalo has me running up and down the field quite often - which is always fun for a guy like me. However from time to time I get to work on a little project for the organization that we all get to have fun with. After the teams home opener against Detroit City FC, I was asked to do a quick portrait session with some if the owners and fans from The Situation Room. I have a great working relationship with FC Buffalo, every idea I have that isn't terrible the owners pretty much run with - except the #HateErie urinal cakes....they found that in poor taste. Continue reading "Portrait Session: FC Buffalo Merch & Owners"

Sunrise over Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge

 Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge is one of my favorite shooting locations in WNY. I could go there everyday for a week and find a new location or subject to shoot. If you're not familiar with Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge it is located in Shelby, NY - about thirty minutes from Buffalo and 10 minutes from the exit 48a on the New York State Thruway. The wetlands of Iroquois are fed from Oak Orchard Creek which is fed by Lake Ontario. This massive and nearly 11,000 acre reserve is home to so much wildlife that it would be ignorant for me to try and put a number on it. Continue reading "Sunrise over Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge"

FC Buffalo vs. Cleveland Recap

 I carpooled with some of the awesome members of The Situation Room to Cleveland last friday to watch our FC Buffalo Blitzers take on AFC Cleveland. TSR and I were looking forward to seeing FC Buffalo notch up their first regulation win of the 2012 season - having tied with Detroit City FC the week prior. Despite a hard fought 90 minutes FC Buffalo ultimately fell to AFC Cleveland 4-2. Even though FC Buffalo was down five starters, the fortitude of the defense and goaltending of FC Buffalo withstood an onslaught of offense from AFC Cleveland for forty one minutes before Cleveland scored on a questionable penalty kick. FC Buffalo would answer with a penalty kick of their own at the fifty two minute mark where our very own Mike Reidy scored, not only the penalty kick, but the first goal of the FC Buffalo season. Cleveland would score two more times, at the sixty and sixty three minute mark, before FC Buffalo's Gary Boughton could put one in the back of the net. With their hopes high, FC Buffalo tried to rally in a really intense 4 minutes of overage but Cleveland would put a final goal in to end the match at 4-2. Even though we didn't walk away with the win I have to say that this was probably one of the most fun games I've attended in the three years I've been covering FC Buffalo. The Lord Bedlington Cup was, of course, very memorable. But as a fan of the team, and the staff photographer, this match was the most fun mainly because I got to spend a lot of time with The Situation Room. The TSR gang are really something special. In, typical, Buffalo fashion this group of soccer fans have really gone above and beyond the call of duty as an official fan club. I know all of us would love to see four thousand soccer fans at All-High on the weekends, but this group of loyal fans really makes it sound like there's a stadium filled with rabid fans. I carpooled with three of the guys from the Situation Room, which I thank them very much for, and I have to be honest there was a lot of tom foolery in the car ride home. All of us had worked our full time jobs that day and then left for the game in Cleveland. In my case I worked my normal 3am shift at the tv station I work at, power napped at home for 30 minutes and hit the road. After a long match in the Cleveland sunset and a few rounds of medication at a fantastic burger joint in Clevelands equivalent to Elmwood Village we hit the road back home to Buffalo. The car ride home was complete nonsense. At several points we were singing Trololololo, listening to Les Miserables, trolling other cars, talking about wrestling, determining what premiere team I should get into because I don't have one right now, #HateErie and a slew of other things That are probably NSWF. All in all it was a great day, a win would have made it a little bit better, but it was great none the less. I'm confident with the full roster on the field this sunday at All-High, FC Buffalo will be able to one up AFC Cleveland in a rematch. See you on the sideline #VestVestVest