Foggy Buffalo The Morning Fog Engulfed Buffalo

The weather in Buffalo never ceases to amaze me. Today it will be seventy five degrees and sunny, two weeks ago there was four inches of snow on the ground and by this Friday locust will likely fall from the sky. Ten days ago while driving to work a thick fog ecompassed most of the downtown Buffalo area around twelve thirty in the morning. By sunrise the fog blanketed most of Western New York creating an opportunity to for some unique imagery of our familiar landscape. My morning producer sent me out to shoot a few areas that we knew were foggy and I created a short video for the 6pm news 'closer' segment. Continue reading "Foggy Buffalo The Morning Fog Engulfed Buffalo"

NBC News Uses Buffalo Weather Footage

It being the holidays and all I had a moment to actually watch the news last night. Normally I'm in bed for the national news at six thirty because I work the overnight shift. So it goes. I was pleasently surprised that NBC News Channel - the VOD hub for all NBC affiliates used some of my footage of Buffalo weather for a package Christmas Eve  

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