One Year In What I've learned as a new shooter for the past twelve months

My path to the newsroom was an unconventional one. I went to the wrong college. I took the wrong internships. I wasn't confident in my ability as a shooter, and so on. After working for little to no money for years with non-profits and the random odd job I finally landed an entry level job at a start up television station. Fast forward to June 2013 when I wound up directing and associate producing five half hour shows per week, a two hour movie show every week, and running much of the production for that station - I was hired by WGRZ to come on board as a news shooter. And as they say, we've only just begun. Continue reading "One Year In What I've learned as a new shooter for the past twelve months"

Foggy Buffalo The Morning Fog Engulfed Buffalo

The weather in Buffalo never ceases to amaze me. Today it will be seventy five degrees and sunny, two weeks ago there was four inches of snow on the ground and by this Friday locust will likely fall from the sky. Ten days ago while driving to work a thick fog ecompassed most of the downtown Buffalo area around twelve thirty in the morning. By sunrise the fog blanketed most of Western New York creating an opportunity to for some unique imagery of our familiar landscape. My morning producer sent me out to shoot a few areas that we knew were foggy and I created a short video for the 6pm news 'closer' segment. Continue reading "Foggy Buffalo The Morning Fog Engulfed Buffalo"

Breaking News – iPad 2 in Production!!!!???!???!zomg

Not only is the iPad 2 in production- the sky is blue, earth is round, dinosaurs extinct and yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause. I'm baffled that CNN gets sucked into news stories like this. It's not news that a tech company is working on their next product. Where is the breaking news article about windows working on Windows 8? Or the fact that Ford is working on next years model Focus? Why are nut they telling us important news? Now, granted, news about tech is important to me as its part of my job,but my father doesn't care if iPad 2 is in production nor does 80% of the demographic that would read CNN. Anyone who cares about the tech industry would go to engaged for legitimate news about tech and that's the truth. CNN should do better, as should all our news outlets. The source of this article is Mashable, which makes sense considering their a tech website and tech resource. Sure CNN has a tech section, but so does the Syracuse Post Standard and even they wouldn't report rumors.┬áSure, it makes absolute sense for Apple to be in production. How else could they sell 14million plus units if they weren't in production? Continue reading "Breaking News – iPad 2 in Production!!!!???!???!zomg"